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Community Alliance Network
It is the mission and vision of this organization to provide information and resources for the community Seniors that have a Medicare card (Red, White and Blue). Some of the services with association with approved affiliate include a Senior directory of approved Vendors when needed, Assistance in understand Medicare, Medicare Advantage and Supplement plans.
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Certified Professional License Agent
This organization is a nonprofit professional trade association designed for State approved License Agents. In most cases, each Independent Agent is a State approved licensed agent by their prospective State. These Agents must meet and maintain an impeccable ethic and professional standard of CPLA.
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Global FOODBANK Reserves
It is our mission & vision for this organization to work hand to hand with our collaborative partner to end hunger through out the communities where we are actively engaged. This effort is with our community relationships, education, advocacy and distribution. Together we can END Hunger!

Senior care doesn't have to be expensive

Arranging senior living can be challenging, emotionally taxing and expensive, particularly when a person requires senior living with personal care, such as an assisted living community, residential care home or memory care provider.

For the countless families caught in the gap between being able to pay for senior care out of pocket and, at the other end of the spectrum, having low enough income and assets to qualify for Medicaid, finding affordable assisted living may seem like an impossible dilemma...But it doesn't have to be. REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT to learn more.

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